Meetings & Location

Our Meetings

We meet on Sunday mornings at the church building for Bible Class, Fellowship and Worship. Two worship services are held simultaneously. One Worship is in English with  90-100 people attending and is located in the Auditorium. The other Worship is in Mandarin with around 25 people attending and is located in the Fellowship Room. During the week we meet in small groups in homes.


Sunday Morning Times

Kids and Adult Classes: 9.30am – 10.20am

Morning Tea and Fellowship: 10.20am – 11.00am

Worship Service: 11.00am – 12.30pm



The church building is located at 100 Rostrevor Parade, Mont Albert North, Victoria, Australia  (Cnr Belmore Road & Rostrevor Parade). We are about 18km east of the Melbourne CBD. It’s about a 40min drive from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport and is conveniently near to the Eastern Freeway. The nearest train station is Mont Albert (on the Box Hill / Belgrave / Lilydale / Ringwood line) which is 25min walk or 5min drive away. The nearest tram stop is 20min walk away along tram route 109 on Whitehorse Road / Maroondah Highway. Ample car parking is available at the church car park.


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Our Mission Statement & Beliefs

Our Mission Statement – Reaching Out, Sharing God’s Love

Belmore Road Church of Christ is a God centred, Bible-based family that provides a nurturing environment to share God’s truth in love. In Jesus and through his Spirit, we foster and encourage spiritual growth and understanding, offering friendship and help to those in need. We reach out to all, starting with those who are seeking the truth, people in our local community and those who we meet in our daily lives. As we have come to know God’s love, we reach out and share His love with others.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible contains the words of God and accurately explains why and how we can have a close relationship with Him.

The Bible is the ultimate source of authority and guidance for everyday living. Although it was completed some 2,000 years ago, its message is still relevant for life in the 21st century. We encourage everyone to study the words of God and to let them become a vibrant part of their life.

We believe that Jesus came to Earth as God in the flesh, born of a virgin.

Jesus became a man to redeem all people and was put to death for our sins. The Saviour rose from the grave and triumphed over death once and for all, giving us the hope of eternal life. Jesus of Nazareth suffered the penalty for our sins. This message constitutes the very core of the Good News that all people need to hear.

We believe that our salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus.

Our sins are an offence to the holy God and even our deepest remorse cannot erase our sins. It is only through God’s grace that we can be forgiven.  In response, we strive to consistently live in a manner that pleases Him. We don’t deserve God’s forgiveness but are thrilled that he loves us so much that he wants to forgive us in Jesus’ name.

Baptism at Belmore Road ChurchWe believe that authentic faith expresses itself in repentance, confession and baptism in Jesus’ name.

Repentance is our sincere acknowledgement that we’ve sinned and we want to change for the better. Confessing that Jesus is the Son of God, and being immersed in baptism is central to our salvation. These acts declare our recognition and acceptance that our salvation is made possible through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

We believe that Christians are called to adopt a life of discipleship that imitates Jesus.

Jesus is our perfect role model in all things. With the strength and guidance of God’s Spirit, we pursue a new life that honours God by doing good and resisting sin. Like Jesus, we seek to glorify God with spiritual worship, unity among Christians, service to our neighbours and sharing the Good News in our community.

We believe the local church plays a vital role in God’s plan to communicate the Good News.

The Bible describes the church as a family and a body. This shows that God desires us to be united, supporting each other through difficulties and celebrating achievements together. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we are united by our love for Jesus and God’s grace to us. Like the early church, we gather together each Sunday to worship God and fellowship. We partake the Lord’s Supper, pray, sing acapella, read and expound the Scriptures, contribute financially and encourage each other. The purpose of the church is to encourage our individual spiritual growth in Jesus while reaching out with love to people in need.

If you would like to discuss why we believe what we believe, please contact one of our church leaders who will be happy to study the bible with you.

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